Our Adoption Shop - items you can purchase to help us bring Dima home!

Welcome to our Adoption Shop! This is a central location to list the items that we are selling to benefit our adoption. Some of them are handmade by friends (or by us) and others are products that have to be ordered from outside vendors. If you are interested in purchasing one or more items, please email us at ukrainemyheart6@gmail.com with the subject line containing "Adoption Shop" and list the items and quantities you wish to order. We will email you back with order and payment details within 24 hours! Thank you for shopping with purpose and helping us get one step closer to bringing our son home!
Handmade Antique Brass Encouragement Necklaces
$15 + shipping (if necessary)
*Made by a dear friend for a recent event, we have 6 of the "LOVE" design
left in stock and 2 of the "new mercies" design.  
Custom Adoption T-shirts from FundtheNations.com
$15 each
*Youth Sizes XS-XL
*Adult Sizes XS-3XL
We currently have the below sizes remaining in stock from our first order.
We will be placing a second order January 2014.
If you don't see your size here, you can place your order for January.
3 - size XL
1 - size L
2 - size M
1 - size YL
2 - size YM
2 - size YS
Paparazzi Accessories
all items $5.50 each
Hair clips/pins, Headbands, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings
Fashionable and frugal jewelry and accessories. Inventory is changing continually. I will feature
photos here of 5 items at a time for order. If you want to see more of the available items, you can schedule a time to see it or take a basket of 30-40 items to your work or mom's group or small group from which people can shop. You get a free piece of jewelry for "hosting" the basket party and an additional piece of jewelry free for every $100 in sales.
Item P1 - Yellow/Grey flower headband $5.50
Item P2-Silver chain/Green Ribbon Necklace with linked earrings $5.50 
Item P3 - White "pearl" and silver lanyard necklace / white "pearl" earrning set $5.50
Perfect for teacher ID badges!
Item P4-Brown/Gold/Blue Bangle Bracelet set $5.50
Item P5- Red sheer and tulle Flower Hair clip / pin  $5.50
Loaves of Homemade Bread $5 each
**December 6-20th, local orders only**
Bread baked fresh and delivered to your door. This is a basic soft bread recipe, not a sourdough. It is best eaten within 24-48 hours of baking. It is a delicous white bread with a firm outside and soft inside, coated in butter and finished with sea salt. It is locally famous for being delicious to just eat by itself or with a bowl of soup.
**I will bake the bread on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, and will deliver the same day.

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